Preparing Your Yard for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to prepare your backyard for a celebration. Whether you are planning a massive barbecue or a small get-together, you won’t believe what a few things can do to spruce up your yard.

First, always mow and trim your lawn. Here at Elchert’s, we can help to make your yard look pristine. Our professional equipment is designed to make your lawn appear well manicured and tidy, and our trimming helps to make your driveway, sidewalk, and landscaping stick out. Mowing and weeding will definitely make your Memorial Day celebration one to remember.

Have a garden? Now is the right time to clean it up and plant some new materials. Memorial Day falls on May 30 this year, so you still have some time to hit the greenhouse to shop for new plants. According to Vivint, you want to make sure you weed your garden, edge it, and then lay mulch to make colors pop. Easy-to-grow plants include lavender, snapdragon, cleome, and the ever-popular black-eyed Susan.

Clean up your patio or other areas by making everything spotless for your friends and family this Memorial Day. That means you should pressure wash any decks or sidewalks, clean off picnic tables and patio furniture, and wipe off any siding that may be dirty.

Finally, get the right party supplies. Memorial Day is a celebration of those who served our country in the armed forces. Make sure to buy patriotic decorations, cold drinks, and get to work on the grill. Most importantly, make sure to have fun.

Worried you won’t have time for mowing or landscaping? Give us a call here at Elchert’s. We’ll make sure you yard looks incredible this summer.